Corinna Gortana
founding partner

The workshop is located in the heart of Carnia, in a small hamlet called Piano d’Arta. It’s located on the righthand side at the outskirts of Arta Terme.

The story of Tradizione Carnia began in Corinna Gortana’s family kitchen. When she was a little girl she would observe her mother preparing traditional dishes. There she discovered and fell in love with the culinary traditions of Friuli. As she grew, she was determined to preserve and continue these unique traditions of the mountainous region of Friuli Venezia-Giulia.

The company, which started in 2013, is located in an ex- dairy. The same walls that hosted cheesemakers’ skillful work now allow us the opportunity of producing an immediately recognizable product. It’s the perfect place where antique crafts meet with the desire to introduce Cjarsons to a wider public.

Initially Tradizione Carnia started to distribute its products locally. Then gradually distribution spread to vaster areas. As the demands and the needs of our various clients have increased so has the number of our personnel. Our team is made up of people who share the passion for Carnia and its products.

In 2018 Tradizione Carnia has become an LTD. company. With the arrival of Marco Pittonet, who has brought with him more than 20 years of experience in the valorization and the distribution of the gastronomic excellences of Friuli. His aim is to always better our company in every area: production, distribution, client assistance and innovation.

Today Tradizione Carnia is a solid reality, capable of widespread distribution within the territory of Friuli, thanks to selected partners. The products of Tradizione Carnia are ready to be proposed nationally and internationally.