Tradizione Carnia produces the famous Cjarsons, a long-standing dish with a fascinating story which dates back in ages.

Friuli has always been a land of emigrants. When loved ones came back home from foreign countries it was a time for celebration in every family. On these rare occasions of family gatherings, the emigrants brought home some culinary “treats” which were often the expression of peasant cooking. The “massaie” (housewives), true artists of transforming poor ingredients into something unique, mixed these new ingredients with what they had in the kitchen at that moment: herbs, potatoes, figs…Thus the birth of Cjarsons, a dish created to celebrate long-lost relationships. With each family creating its very own special recipe.

Tradizione Carnia remains faithful to tradition in its production and it utilizes only natural and healthy ingredients. The herbs- mint and balm-mint- are picked in the surrounding areas of Arta Terme.

To guarantee the quality and the respect of the traditional origins of Cjarsons, part of the workmanship is still done by hand.


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